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Zirkle Fruit Company leverages Fieldin to gain more visibility over critical irrigation monitoring activities

Fieldin enables Zirkle to stay on top of irrigation monitoring to ensure that trees are getting the right amount of water throughout the season.

Fieldin partners with FruitSpec to provide yield inventory technology to apple growers in the Pacific Northwest

Automatic tracking of fruit sizes and quantities helps growers, packing houses, and sales desks align inventories to meet market demands.

New Fleet Maintenance Module automates engine hour tracking and service management to optimize fleet health

Keep your machines running at peak performance and minimize downtime with Fieldin's Fleet Maintenance management solution.

Columbia Farm Services improves PNW orchard operations with Fieldin

With the tools and insights that Fieldin is providing, CFS has gained greater visibility and control over their operations.

VMI improves vineyard efficiencies with Fieldin data, achieving significant cost & time savings

Fieldin has helped VMI keep pace with changing labor laws while allowing them to be more strategic with their fleet and crews.

Refilling Sprayers – The unspoken inefficiencies in your operations

Tracking refill activities in spray operations helps growers close gaps and get more strategic in field operations planning.