With Fieldin, grape growers gain the visibility necessary to mitigate risks and impact outcomes.

Specialized in wine and table grapes.

Provide transparent visibility into tasks and outcomes.

Reduce the overhead to create reports that demonstrate that work was performed to a specific standard.

Track every mechanized and operator activity with advanced reporting viewable on a mobile device.

Highlight crew members who are performing activities well.

Incentivize people who are good drivers and get them to come back.

Keep crew members at 40 hours per week and minimize having to pay overtime.

“Keeping our equipment in an optimized rotation to serve all of the vineyard’s needs in a timely manner is always top-of-mind for me. Fieldin gives me the data I need to plan the best utilization of my equipment and complete properties as fast as possible."

Carter Collins

General Manager, VMI
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Optimize for quality at every step

Successful grape growers depend on the ability to run a lean and efficient operation. It starts by focusing on quality, which is at the heart of everything Fieldin tracks and measures. We make sure your operation becomes a well-oiled machine by reducing variability across equipment, operators, and regions while also raising performance benchmarks.

We help successfully improve every aspect of growing crops by providing access to more data, gaining actionable insights, and updating tasks accordingly. This is how our customers are able to get higher quality crops and make better use of their land.

Control costs across your key activities

Increase the return on your vineyard

Enforce your safety standards and ESG initiatives

Control costs across your key activities

Fieldin provides a safety mechanism with transparent visibility into tasks and their outcomes. We reduce the reporting overhead to help you demonstrate that work was performed to a specific standard. We track every mechanized and operator activity using advanced reporting which is viewable on a mobile device, including:

  • Time spent at the fill station.
  • Nighttime activities across large distances, such as spraying and harvesting, to ensure they were performed according to instructions.
  • Data to substantiate decisions and confirm the work was done correctly.
  • Crew members who are performing activities well and with better results than others.
  • Good drivers who will receive a performance incentive which makes them more likely to come back.
  • Team performance against benchmarks and prior historical data.
  • Supervisors and manager reports to ease coverage over large and distributed vineyards.

Increase the return on your vineyard

Fieldin can impact your bottom line by coordinating key activities, especially during the critical harvesting time:

  • Optimize your harvest window based on brick or sugar content.
  • Manage blocks and sub-blocks within your vineyard.
  • Keep your crew members at or under 40 hours per week and minimize having to pay overtime.
  • Plan and complete your harvest faster.

Enforce your safety standards and ESG initiatives

Hold your crew accountable for following safety rules:

  • Track and report all vehicle speeds to help comply with insurance requirements.
  • Integrate with PCA app to track speed alerts and reduce your liability.
  • Provide transparent reporting that demonstrates adherence to standards

Improve sustainable business and environmental practices:

  • Demonstrate that you are following strict SIP-certified practices.
  • Use less pesticides by ensuring instructions are followed.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions from vineyard activities.
  • Track and optimize fuel consumption.
autonomous tractor retrofit kit

Get value from data starting day one.

We are proud that our customers see value the very first day we install a smart sensor on any of their equipment. Digitizing and reporting what machines and crews are doing uncovers immediate insights to help improve business performance.

In most cases, our customers are fully operational in 45 days and live in 40 days. The data collected and analyzed builds quickly with significant benchmarks and actionable insights within 2-3 weeks from go live.

The industry’s leading grower success team

Our technology is built by growers for growers to tackle the many challenges faced when growing grapes or other high value crops. A key element to ensuring you get the most value from Fieldin comes from our grower success team.


The Fieldin Grower Success Team:

  • Real people who live in your community.
  • Available any time and quickly when you need them.
  • Specialists who have managed nut orchards before.
  • Ready to help you take advantage of the latest trends and best practices.
  • Certified PCAs and CCAs with advanced degrees in Ag from top schools including Cal Poly, Fresno State, and UC Davis.

Proven 5 step process to

Smart Farming and Autonomy

When you partner with Fieldin, you get to accelerate your journey to autonomy. Our 5 step process allows you to move at your own pace while never losing sight of the end goal.

Step 1: Digitize your operation

We start by installing smart sensors on your existing machines regardless of manufacturer. You get unparalleled visibility on every mechanical activity, data that previously was unavailable—no more guesswork or dependency on human documentation.

Step 2: Get data-driven insights

We use our Fieldin platform to combine your operational information with industry and manufacturer benchmarks. Our advanced dashboards help you identify inefficiencies and further optimize your practices. This process gets better and better with every piece of recorded data.

Get visibility across activities that impact grape grower success.

Fieldin addresses the daily activities performed in a grape growing operation. The more you use Fieldin to track and gain insights, the more you impact your outcomes and business performance. The Fieldin platform provides a new level of standardization by integrating and connecting all your data.

Fieldin can answer many of the questions you are likely asking yourself. We help you take the guesswork and human errors out of the equation. The result is actions based on irrefutable data.

Cultural Practices: Spraying, Mowing, Hedging, and more



ATV/UTV & Trucks Tracking

  • Did my tractors go too fast or too slow?
  • Did my crew skip any rows?
  • Did I get the latest scouting report and should I change instructions?
  • How many hours did the mowing shift take?
  • Can I reduce mistakes when spraying fertilizer and pesticides?
  • Is the crew holding spraying between vines and rows?
  • Did the irrigation crew check water leaks?
  • Did the last scouting report detect mites or powdery mildew?
  • Which blocks and rows did the scouters survey?
  • Should I update the crew with new instructions?
  • Can I improve the ability for supervisors and managers to see how my crew is performing across all my vineyards?
  • Is the harvesting operation on track and maximizing the amount of grapes sent to get crushed?
  • Can my crew cover more blocks per shift?
  • Is my crew performing better than benchmarks and delivering optimal outcomes?
  • How can I centralize and simplify tracking of all my ATVs, UTVs, and trucks?
  • Can I improve my chances of finding and recovering stolen vehicles?
  • How can I better hold my crew accountable for following speed limits and safety standards?