With Fieldin, pome fruit growers gain the visibility necessary to mitigate risks and impact outcomes.

Specialized in apples and pears.

Improve your daily farm practices, such as mowing, weeding, spraying, and burning.

Manage your labor and diesel costs.

Gain visibility on mistakes, such as skipped rows during a spray application.

"By using the Fieldin App, our spray supervisors and equipment managers have been able to optimize various operational activities. A benefit has been tracking that we are now using 50% less fuel. Being able to monitor our operations remotely has been a game-changer."

Large Apple Grower in Washington w/ 4,300+ acres

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Optimize for quality at every step

In response to rising labor costs and fuel expenses, successful growers are increasingly focused on ways to run a lean and efficient operation. Optimizing resources and their associated costs starts with making sure your operation becomes a well-oiled machine; Fieldin reduces the variability across equipment, operators, and regions while also raising performance benchmarks.

Our customers are able to successfully improve every aspect of growing their crops by having access to more data, gaining actionable insights, and using that information to update tasks accordingly. This results in better use of resources, improved efficiency, and lowered costs.

Optimize costs for labor-intensive activities

Increase the return on your orchard

Enforce your safety standards and ESG initiatives

Optimize costs for labor-intensive activities

With so much of growing apples and other pome fruits being labor-intensive, the ability to monitor and control costs is key to ensuring an optimal return:

  • Combine cost per acre, acres per hour, and hourly costs to get a realistic view of your total costs.
  • Benchmark your team against industry standards and past performance, and hold them accountable.
  • Track downtime and lost cost when a machine such as a mower is idle.
  • Find improvement opportunities such as time wasted at refill stations.
  • Plan and organize all farm activities to direct resources where they are needed.

Increase the return on your orchard

Turn data into action and get ahead of challenges with your crop.

  • Get pest pressures under control: use the Fieldin scouting application to customize your digitized scouting reports, so that you can stay on top of changing conditions. Provide visibility of potential issues across your operation and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Track harvest operations: see where your bin trailers are working with picking crews and monitor downtime.

Enforce your safety standards and ESG initiatives

Hold your crew accountable for following safety rules by monitoring all vehicle speeds to help comply with insurance requirements.

Improve sustainable business and environmental practices including the reduction of CO2 emissions from farming activities.

autonomous tractor retrofit kit

Get value from data starting day one.

Our customers see value the very first day we install a smart sensor on any of their equipment. Through digitizing and reporting what machines and crews are doing, you can uncover immediate insights that improve business performance.

In most cases, our customers are fully operational in 45 days and live in 40 days. The data collected and analyzed builds quickly with significant benchmarks and actionable insights within 2-3 weeks from go live.

The industry’s leading grower success team

Our technology is built by growers for growers to tackle the many challenges faced when growing apples or other high value crops. A key element to ensuring you get the most value from Fieldin comes from our grower success team.


The Fieldin Grower Success Team:

  • Real people who live in your community.
  • Available any time and quickly when you need them.
  • A team who pays attention to details and embeds into your growing operation for quick response.
  • A wealth of knowledge for your supervisors and managers by providing expertise and invaluable insights.
  • Specialists familiar with the tree fruit industry.
  • Ready to help you take advantage of the latest trends and best practices.
  • Certified Scouts/Fieldman/PCAs and CCAs with advanced degrees in Ag from top schools including Cal Poly, Fresno State, and UC Davis.

Proven 5 step process to

Smart Farming and Autonomy

When you partner with Fieldin, you get to accelerate your journey to autonomy. Our 5 step process allows you to move at your own pace while never losing sight of the end goal.

Step 1: Digitize your operation

We start by installing smart sensors on your existing machines regardless of manufacturer. You get unparalleled visibility on every mechanical activity, data that previously was unavailable—no more guesswork or dependency on human documentation.

Step 2: Get data-driven insights

We use our Fieldin platform to combine your operational information with industry and manufacturer benchmarks. Our advanced dashboards help you identify inefficiencies and further optimize your practices. This process gets better and better with every piece of recorded data.

Get visibility across activities that impact apple grower success.

The more you use Fieldin to track and gain insights, the more you impact your business performance and outcomes. With Fieldin you can address core activities performed every day across a pome fruit growing operation. The platform provides a new level of standardization by integrating and connecting all your data.

If you have ever asked yourself any of the following questions, Fieldin can help you by taking the guesswork and human errors out of the equation. The result is irrefutable data which turns into actions.

Cultural Practices: Spraying, Mowing, Hedging, and more


ATV/UTV & Trucks Tracking

  • Did I receive the latest scouting report and should I update spraying instructions?
  • How many hours did the mowing and weeding shift take?
  • Can my crew cover more acres per hour?
  • Is my crew performing better than benchmarks and past performance?
  • When did the last scouting report come in?
  • What blocks, rows, and trees did the scouters cover?
  • Was a new pest-related issue identified by the scout or fieldman which needs to be addressed?
  • Can I centralize the tracking of all my vehicles?
  • Can I improve my ability to find and recover stolen machines?
  • Can I hold my crew accountable for following speed limits and other safety standards?