Fieldin partners with high value crop growers to digitize their operations and build the autonomous farm of the future.

Helping growers grow smarter.

We unlock real-time insights using your existing equipment — including tractors, implements, ATVs/UTVs, trucks, and other purpose-built agricultural machinery. We provide integration and an open platform that supports your existing and future equipment.

You benefit from better visibility, accuracy, and efficiency across your operation which improves your business performance and ESG outcomes.

Real growers solving problems through the power of data.

Our company was founded by growers and most of our team has been in agriculture their entire lives. We know what it’s like to be a grower. We dealt with the same challenges, setbacks, and successes you contend with every day.

Transforming the way growers operate with insights.

It starts with moving away from pen and paper toward an all-digital world where your mechanized activities carried out in the field are tracked, recorded, and analyzed. Through the resulting data, we reduce variability across your equipment, operators, and regions while also raising performance benchmarks.

The more data we access, the more actionable insights are generated. New insights can be used to update tasks to successfully improve every aspect of growing your crop — resulting in better outcomes. With autonomy, we create instructions using our platform. The updated instructions can then be automatically carried out in the field for maximum efficiency by removing the inefficiencies introduced by human operators.

With Fieldin you automate the process of creating instructions carried out in the field which removes the inefficiencies introduced by human operators resulting in optimized outcomes.

Smart farming at your own pace.

Digitize operations and build the autonomous farm of the future — as it makes sense for your business. At every step of the journey, we are here to help you:

  • Unlock valuable visibility from day one.
  • Transform every aspect of your mechanized farming operations.
  • Improve business performance and sustainability.
  • Build a baseline and benchmark within two-three weeks after implementation to drive insights.
  • Transition automation and fully-autonomous farming on your own terms.
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"This software has been very useful when it comes to locating equipment and tracking the work progress across multiple vineyards we manage… It saves us time by not having a person physically verifying equipment location."

Linda Jaimes

Viticulture Logistics Manager at Vineyard Professional Services (VPS)
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Fieldin Smart Farming Operations Solution

Our innovative technology unlocks real-time insights for better visibility, accuracy, and efficiency, which improves business performance and ESG outcomes.

We provide a new level of standardization through an open platform that integrates and connects all your data in one place. We make it easy to work with all your existing and future equipment from any manufacturer.

Our solution is built on three unique building blocks which together deliver the industry’s only complete solution for smart farming operations.

Cloud Platform

Provides centralized operational command with dashboards, benchmark performance, and up to date status from all equipment

Smart Sensors

Works on any tractor, implement, truck, and ATV to report precise measurements and data using any

Local Experts

Ensures success from start to finish by lending expertise to make the most of

Expertise to get your team started

We help every customer develop a strategy and plan based on their unique objectives, industry best practices, real world case studies, and ag’s most complete grower data held in our platform.

We work with you to:

  • Plan the deployment of smart sensors across your machinery.
  • Baseline and establish initial performance goals which get tracked and reported.
  • Establish goals and reporting.
  • Interpret the data to ensure you are getting the right insights to impact your operation.
  • Leverage case studies to optimize key activities such as shift allocation.
  • Track performance against baseline and set new benchmarks.
  • Review plans and outcomes quarterly or semi-annually.

Cloud Platform: Access Anywhere / Anytime

Smart Sensors: Worry-Free Management

Local Experts: Helping You Succeed Every Day

Cloud Platform: Access Anywhere / Anytime

This is the heart of our solution — a centralized operational command accessible from anywhere and at any time. It provides a new level of standardization by integrating and connecting all your data from existing and future equipment.

  • Monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of every vehicle, machine, and task.
  • Gain real-time reporting for a simple and concise view of your operation.
  • Act on data while on the road or in your field using mobile apps.
  • Update commands using insights that directly impact your productivity and profitability.
  • Connect your operational teams using one platform to work collaboratively.

Smart Sensors: Worry-Free Management

We install our smart sensors on any vehicle and machine you already own regardless of make, type, or vintage. The smart sensors are included as part of our solution and come with installation, maintenance, upgrades, and servicing in the field by our team of experts.

Fieldin Smart Sensors:

  • Work on self-propelled machinery like tractors, shakers, and harvesters as well as most implements.
  • Identify the implement being pulled by a tractor using a small tag.
  • Tap into and report on various activation signals such as Power Take Off (PTO) and Electric Valves (EVs) to identify when your machine is actually working.
  • Track and record fleet essential data and parameters including location, speed, working pace, machine utilization, and more.
  • Optionally, also include key fob scanners to identify the machine’s operator to track their agronomy work.

Local Experts: Helping You Succeed Every Day

While our cloud platform and smart sensors deliver great innovation and technology, the real secret is our commitment to your success. We have one of the best trained and experienced teams in the industry who are available at any time to lend their expertise. They are here for you to positively impact your business and to partner on your success.

Our experts provide invaluable knowledge because they are:

  1. Highly educated with advanced agriculture degrees from leading schools including Cal Poly, Fresno State, and UC Davis which mean you get some of the latest thinking in Ag.
  2. Trained and certified with a commitment to continued education to provide you with the most current best practices and advice:
    • Qualified Applicator License (QAL)
    • Pest Control Advisor (PCA), Scouts, Fieldman, Chemical Consultants
    • Certified Crop Advisors (CCA)
  3. Armed with practical experience ranging from managing their own farming operations to working with some of the largest agricultural companies in the world.