Smart Farming Innovation

Fieldin’s innovation comes from growers who are tackling the many challenges faced by high value crop growers.

Growers innovating for growers.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and our team knows what it’s like to be a grower. Most of us come from agriculture and have dealt with the same daily challenges, setbacks, and successes.

With our real world experience and knowledge, we are continuing the farming evolution. We are helping growers take advantage of data and technology to digitize and modernize their farming operation.

We offer a modern approach which reduces the reliance on pen and paper, spreadsheets, and multi-generational word of mouth knowledge transfer.

Our Smart Farming Principles

  • Push the barriers of what’s possible
  • Turn ideas into reality
  • Balance vision against today’s needs
  • Provide integration for existing and future equipment

Solving immediate and long term challenges.

Fieldin customers have been able to tackle a large range of challenges and find new opportunities to improve the sustainability and performance of their business.

We can help you start your journey:

  • Now – Provide one source of truth for all operational data for better visibility across all activities, accuracy across every acre, and efficiency across every shift. This leads to an immediate ROI by reducing operational costs and increasing yield.
  • Tomorrow – Overcome the labor shortage and generational changes by leveraging autonomy to transform the way you grow and operate. This enables you to achieve a new level in consistency, accuracy and efficiency without depending on large teams and expensive labor.
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The next era in smart farming centers around data.

At the center of our solution is data which is used to drive insights. We digitize your operations to automate data capture from any machine and task, integrate all your equipment and operator data into a centralized platform, remove the need for human reporting, and exponentially increase the type of data points used for analysis.

With Fieldin you are able to gain visibility and turn it into actionable insights — and this will change everything about your business.

Closed loop data-based insights

Gets better with with every data point

Future-proof standardization and integration

Adapts to changing conditions and challenges

Closed loop data-based insights

Our closed loop operations work seamlessly, automatically, and very quickly to:

  • Receive data inputs from all your machines from anywhere and at any time.
  • Analyze and compare results against past performance and industry benchmarks.
  • Make decisions based on the insights gained.
  • Send updated instructions to the machines and team.

Gets better with with every data point

The process gets better with every new data input collected and enables you to see the impact of the decisions made to further refine the next actions.

Your ability to impact your business gets streamlined by using a centralized platform that works across all machines, teams, and skills — regardless of manufacturer, activity, and geographic distances.

Future-proof standardization and integration

We provide a new level of standardization by integrating and connecting all your data to gain much higher consistency, accuracy, and efficiency.

Our open platform approach means that you can now connect all your data in one place. We remove the complexities that exist today when using different machines and robots from various manufacturers. We orchestrate through that chaos and give you a new way to harness this innovation regardless of what comes next.

Adapts to changing conditions and challenges

Our solution adapts to your changing needs, new standards, and the latest machinery. You can rely on it to:

  • Scale to monitor huge amount of devices and parameters.
  • Support any existing and future equipment.
  • Apply operational knowledge and real world experience.
  • Feed the logic and thinking to update activities based on real-time data.
  • Build cultural integration with technology that hinges on expertise and people.
autonomous tractor retrofit kit

The journey to better operational efficiency in the face of constant transitions.

At the heart of everything we do is a singular focus to make the lives of growers like you better — it is what’s behind every decision we make.

This means partnering with you on a journey to push the world of possibilities. We enable you to thrive in the face of ever-changing challenges. We unlock real-time insights using your existing equipment — including tractors, implements, ATVs/UTVs, trucks, and purpose-built or self-propelled vehicles.

Proven 5 step process to

Smart Farming and Autonomy

When you partner with Fieldin, you get to accelerate your journey to autonomy. Our 5 step process allows you to move at your own pace while never losing sight of the end goal.

Step 1: Digitize your operation

Unparalleled visibility on every mechanical activity.

Step 2: Get data-driven insights

Advanced dashboards to identify inefficiencies and optimizations.

Growing with technology — the farm of the future is already here

With Fieldin you can finally use technology to transition your business with confidence.

Our team has walked in your boots and knows intimately your day-to-day challenges. We offer a methodical approach that sustains your ability to innovate and continue to take advantage of what’s possible at your own pace.

Our innovation centers on three key capabilities that directly impact your ability to have better visibility, accuracy, and efficiency — resulting in improved business performance and ESG outcomes.

Automation: run processes automatically.

With Fieldin you can automate processes to improve efficiency, optimize labor costs, and reduce human error.

It is as simple as sending new instructions to a sprayer or shaker and reporting that the task was done correctly.

Autonomy: run operations autonomously.

With Fieldin you can orchestrate sophisticated operational activities and rely on data and insight to actively manage outcomes.

This could be using a report of a skipped row combined with current weather conditions, time to refill the tank, and wait time at the processing plant. These data points can be combined to to update instructions which can be sent to an autonomous vehicle. The result is an optimized way to rectify the mistake and confirm the row was properly harvested.

ESG & Sustainability: baseline efforts and report results.

With Fieldin you can drive Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) initiatives and turn them into positive impacts.

You can gain the ability to show proof that you are doing what is right by the environment and what consumers are asking for when purchasing produce and goods. At the same time, you can optimize every aspect of your operation to ensure profitability while seeing the impact of using sustainable practices.