We are here to digitize and transform your operations into the autonomous farm of the future.

We built Fieldin to help high value crop growers thrive in the face of ever changing conditions and challenges. Customers rely on our innovative technology to unlock real-time insights for better visibility, accuracy, and efficiency — which improves business performance and ESG outcomes.

We are growers like you

We come from agriculture and have lived the life of a grower. We too have performed manual, repetitive tasks and tackled the many challenges that arise in the day-to-day. We’ve stayed up all night to spray crops, struggled with labor shortages, and experienced equipment-related setbacks.

Many of our team members previously worked at companies such as The Wonderful Company, Driscoll’s, Constellation, Bee Sweet Citrus, and Justine Winery. They know first hand everything that goes into successfully growing high value crops.

Our team has deep expertise in a variety of fruit and vegetable crops — it’s Fieldin’s DNA and the foundation of everything we build for our customers. We serve growers on three continents, across 750,000 acres managed and growing every day.

Edo Reshef, CTO & Co-Founder (far left)
Co-founded several companies including Midnight Robotics to use automation autonomy to improve life on the farm.

Yonatan Horovitz, Chief Autonomy Officer & Co-Founder
Has been focused for years on transforming and implementing autonomous driving technologies in agriculture and specifically in high-value crops.

Iftach Birger, COO and Co-Founder
Grew up on an almond farm and from age five helped his family in the orchards performing every imaginable task.

Boaz Bachar, CEO and Co-Founder (far right)
Comes from a family of avocado growers and knows the joys and hardships of farming life well.

We use technology to solve immediate and long-term challenges.

We sit at the intersection of technology, farming, and operations with a singular goal to make growers successful. We support world-class farming operations that include Del Mar Farms, Olam, Ranch Management, Vineyard Professional Services (VPS), Agricare, and Taylor Farms.

We digitize mechanized activities

Our solution works on existing equipment

We digitize mechanized activities

Our customers use Fieldin to digitize the mechanized activities carried out in their fields.

We place smart sensors on existing machines to capture operational data.

This fundamentally transforms the way they operate by making use of highly precise data coming automatically from their equipment and operators.

Our solution works on existing equipment

Best of all, Fieldin relies on the equipment you already have and use every day.

We provide robust business intelligence by integrating the data from existing equipment and harnessing the dataset to deliver operational insights.

Our goal is to increase the velocity of your transformation and make it easy to start the journey to autonomous smart farming.

With a focus on grower success, we give you more than just technology.

Our technology is a great enabler, but in farming, technology by itself is not enough. We are proud to also provide a dedicated grower success team. With deep grower experience and intimate knowledge of our solution, our grower success managers work hand-in-hand with you to ensure return on investment throughout your smart farming journey.

We reduce growing challenges
through data-driven insights.

Under traditional growing methods, nothing is consistently tracked or measured; in turn, crop managers are left to guess at the effectiveness of their processes, making it difficult to maintain control over business outcomes.

Fieldin is transforming the ‘black box’ approach to growing crops, making all operational activities visible and trackable, and shedding light on the path to better performance.

We make it easy to understand exactly what is happening at any time across your entire operation, regardless of how large and distributed it might be.

With Fieldin, you get a partner dedicated to continuous improvement, using:

  • The biggest data set on high value crops.
  • Industry benchmarks and insights not available anywhere else.
  • Data transparency and sophistication that grows exponentially with every machine, field, and parameter added.
  • A purpose-built solution to tackle your challenges from the ground up.