With Fieldin, nut growers gain the visibility necessary to mitigate risks and impact outcomes.

Specialized in walnuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias, and pecans.

Manage your labor force across your entire operation and vast distances.

Monitor what your crew did from anywhere and any time using an intuitive app.

Mobilize and orchestrate your day-to-day tasks for better consistency, efficiency, and accuracy.

Reduce the complexity of managing your various types of machines and unique specifications for each crop.

Use a new level of standardization by integrating and connecting all your data.

Make it easier and cost effective to manage through your crunch times.

"Fieldin gives my team the real-time data we need to manage multiple operations and locations... The data and support Fieldin provides has exceeded my expectations.”

Zach Maring

Farming Operations Manager at Del Mar Farms
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Optimize for quality at every step

In the face of rising costs and shrinking margins, successful growers depend on the ability to run a lean and efficient operation. Quality is at the heart of everything Fieldin tracks and measures. It starts with making sure your operation becomes a well-oiled machine; Fieldin does this by reducing variability across equipment, operators, and regions while also raising performance benchmarks.

Having access to more data, gaining actionable insights, and updating tasks accordingly is how our customers are able to successfully improve every aspect of growing their crops resulting in a higher quality crop and use of their land.

Control costs across your key activities

Increase the return on your orchard

Enforce your safety standards and ESG initiatives

Control costs across your key activities

Improve the ability for supervisors and managers to cover large and distributed orchards:

  • Monitor and optimize operational costs for activities such as spraying and shaking.
  • Find improvement areas such as time wasted at the refill stations or the duration to move from tree to tree when shaking.
  • Hold crews accountable for spraying materials such as pesticides and fertilizers as written in the recommendations.
  • Mobilize and orchestrate all activities needed to complete the harvest faster.

Increase the return on your orchard

Use the Fieldin scouting application to report on pest pressures, including insects, mites, and other invertebrates such as navel orangeworms (NOW). Create a plan to eradicate, give greater visibility to your crew, and report on the results to make any other adjustments. This ensures you get on top of any pest issues quickly and adjust instructions as needed.

During harvest, track shaking activities against various standards to gain tighter controls:

  • Minimize under-shaking: ensure nuts are not left on the tree or bush, and avoid the subsequent headaches, costs, and decreased profitability associated with mummy shaking — impacting this year’s profitability.
  • Reduce over-shaking: protect orchards and especially small buds and young trees from possible harm — impacting next year’s margin.

Enforce your safety standards and ESG initiatives

Hold your crew accountable for following safety rules:

  • Track and report all vehicle speeds to help comply with insurance requirements.
  • Integrate with PCA app to track speed alerts and reduce your liability.

Improve sustainable business and environmental practices including:

  • Use less pesticides by ensuring instructions are followed.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions from farming activities.

Get value from data starting day one.

We are proud that our customers see value the very first day we install a smart sensor on any of their equipment. Digitizing and reporting what machines and crews are doing uncovers immediate insights to help improve business performance.

In most cases, our customers are fully operational in 45 days and live in 40 days. The data collected and analyzed builds quickly with significant benchmarks and actionable insights within 2-3 weeks from go live.

The industry’s leading grower success team

Our technology is built by growers for growers to tackle the many challenges faced when growing nuts or other high value crops. A key element to ensuring you get the most value from Fieldin comes from our grower success team.


The Fieldin Grower Success Team:

  • Real people who live in your community.
  • Available any time and quickly when you need them.
  • Specialists who have managed nut orchards before.
  • Ready to help you take advantage of the latest trends and best practices.
  • Certified PCAs and CCAs with advanced degrees in Ag from top schools including Cal Poly, Fresno State, and UC Davis.

Proven 5 step process to

Smart Farming and Autonomy

When you partner with Fieldin, you get to accelerate your journey to autonomy. Our 5 step process allows you to move at your own pace while never losing sight of the end goal.

Step 1: Digitize your operation

We start by installing smart sensors on your existing machines regardless of manufacturer. You get unparalleled visibility on every mechanical activity, data that previously was unavailable—no more guesswork or dependency on human documentation.

Step 2: Get data-driven insights

We use our Fieldin platform to combine your operational information with industry and manufacturer benchmarks. Our advanced dashboards help you identify inefficiencies and further optimize your practices. This process gets better and better with every piece of recorded data.

Get visibility across activities that impact nut grower success.

Fieldin addresses core activities performed every day across a nut growing operation. The more you use Fieldin to track and gain insights, the more you impact your business performance and outcomes. The platform provides a new level of standardization by integrating and connecting all your data.

If you have ever asked yourself any of the following questions, Fieldin can help you by taking the guesswork and human errors out of the equation. The result is irrefutable data which turns into actions.

Cultural Practices: Spraying, Mowing, Hedging, and more



ATV/UTV & Trucks Tracking

Autonomy: Auto-Spraying

  • Did I get the latest scouting report and should I change spraying instructions?
  • How many hours did the mowing shift take?
  • How fast did my tractors go between rows?
  • How can I reduce mistakes when spraying fertilizer and pesticides?
  • Are any of the activities performed potentially impacting the quality of crop and price point?
  • How can I act more quickly to remediate pest pressures as well as irrigation and other issues that may arise?
  • Did the PCA identify a new pest-related issue which needs to be addressed?
  • Which blocks have our scouts covered and where do we need to direct resources?
  • Where are the most severe threats across our blocks?
  • How can I get better visibility on how my crew is performing across all of my orchards?
  • Is the harvesting operation on track?
  • Can my crew cover more trees per shift?
  • How many seconds does an operator take to shake a tree?
  • Is my crew performing better than benchmarks and delivering optimal outcomes?
  • Can I simplify and centralize the tracking of all my vehicles?
  • How can I improve my ability to find and recover stolen machines?
  • Can I hold my crew accountable for following safety standards such as speed control?
  • Did the irrigation crew check water leaks?
  • Did the crew drive every other row or every eighth row?
  • Can I make sure my crew does not waste materials between trees and rows?
  • How can I ensure that I am not wasting material spraying between trees on my younger orchards?