Helping growers grow smarter.

With Fieldin, high-value crop growers thrive in the face of ever-changing conditions and challenges.

Fieldin Smart Farming Operations Solution

Our innovative technology unlocks real-time insights for better visibility, accuracy, and efficiency, which improves business performance and ESG outcomes.

We provide a new level of standardization through an open platform that integrates and connects all your data in one place. We make it easy to work with all your existing and future equipment from any manufacturer.

Our solution is built on three unique building blocks which together deliver the industry’s only complete solution for smart farming operations.

"This software has been very useful when it comes to locating equipment and tracking the work progress across multiple vineyards we manage… It saves us time by not having a person physically verifying equipment location."

Linda Jaimes

Viticulture Logistics Manager at Vineyard Professional Services (VPS)
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Fieldin delivers risk mitigation for high value crops.

Digitize your operations & build the autonomous farm of the future.

  • Provide a new level of integration by connecting all your data.
  • Unlock valuable visibility from day one.
  • Improve business performance and sustainability.
  • Transform every aspect of your farming operations.
  • Work on any combination of existing equipment used today.
  • Build a baseline and benchmark within two-three weeks after implementation to drive insights.
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Monitor Labor and Shift Productivity

Simplify Inventory Management

Maximize Capital Equipment Utilization

Enhance Material Utilization

Accelerate Harvest

Drive ESG and Sustainability Initiatives

It’s 9 AM — do you know where your workers are? Monitor their activity and performance in real-time to drive accountability and profitability.

Find out how we are built for high value crops

Apply our sensors to your existing fleet and track locations from your smartphone or computer.

Find out how we are built for high value crops

Every inopportune refuel and repair has an impact on your bottom line. Use our benchmarks to get more engine hours and acres per hour from your equipment.

Find out how we are built for high value crops

Are your workers using the right volume and speed while spraying? Optimize material utilization using data for each individual crop.

Find out how we are built for high value crops

Harvest is the busiest time of the year, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Remove the headache and get through the harvest more quickly.

Find out how we are built for high value crops

Reduce pesticide utilization, limit CO2 emissions, and optimize fuel consumption to build a more sustainable operation.

Find out how we are built for high value crops