Built for high value crops

Fieldin unlocks real-time insights for better visibility, accuracy, and efficiency. Fieldin improves business performance and ESG outcomes.

Smart Farming Operations

Customers use Fieldin to digitize the mechanized activities carried out in the field. We are transforming the way growers operate using highly precise data coming automatically from equipment and operators.

Best of all, we do it using the equipment you already have and use every day. We provide a new level of standardization by integrating and connecting all your data.

autonomous spraying for orchards and vineyards

Optimize grower operations

Our focus has always been to help high value crop growers thrive in the face of ever changing conditions and challenges.

We do this by improving the business performance and sustainability of your operations. How? By getting rid of the traditional black box approach to growing where limited data was tracked and measured — leaving the door open for lots of guessing.

With Fieldin, our customers accelerate their journey into the digital era by using smart sensors, applications on their mobile phones, tablets or laptops, and a sophisticated cloud-based platform to track every aspect of their grower operations.

Fieldin delivers the visibility and insights to understand exactly what is happening at any time across your entire operation, regardless of how large and distributed it might be.

Our workflow gets better and better with every data point collected:

Report observations

Write instructions

Deploy tasks to the workforce

Track exactly what happens with the execution

Analyze data and outcomes

Generate new insights to make any necessary adjustments

Optimize fleet health with automated service tracking

Improve business performance and reduce risk

There is a lot of value to be gained when you digitize your operations and continue to build towards the autonomous farm of the future.

Fieldin is all about reducing variability across equipment, operators, and regions. This directly impacts the ability to raise quality and performance benchmarks, and enables your operations to become more consistent, accurate, and efficient.

Grower Spotlight

Viticultural Management, Inc.

12-15 more acres covered per day with each sprayer

Columbia Farm Services

26% increase in average work efficiency

Zirkle Fruit Company

Real-time monitoring and summary reports for monitoring irrigation operations

Ranch Management Company

25% improved coverage from 30.3 acres per shift to 37.9

Del Mar Farms

Maximize employee and equipment efficiencies by analyzing performance

The business challenges we help solve.

Our customers typically focus on specific business challenges and use Fieldin to gain the visibility necessary to mitigate risks and impact outcomes.

Monitor labor and shift productivity

Drive accountability and profitability per shift.

Your workers are your most valuable asset, but how much insight do you have into their performance?

With Fieldin, you can monitor the activity and performance of your entire team to improve the ability for supervisors and managers to cover large and distributed operations.

You can easily manage different types of operators and based on the task performed and machine used. This is an effective solution across great distances and distributed operations to make sure you are getting optimal productivity.

Use smart sensors on your existing equipment to gain visibility on critical operational efficiencies from day one.

Simplify inventory management

Track all equipment digitally, regardless of manufacturer.

Maintain an up-to-date and accurate inventory of every machine in a central place.

Track maintenance and service intervals for better planning and to reduce down time.

Streamline record keeping and move away from paper-based processes.

Maximize capital equipment utilization

Optimize shifts, acres per hour, and engine hours with manufacturer benchmarks.

Check the status of any tractor, implement, ATV, truck, or purpose-built or self-propelled vehicle — at a glance from the Fieldin web portal or mobile app.

Use real-time visibility and insights to make better informed decisions that improve capital equipment utilization over time.

Optimize decisions based on a rich set of parameters, including acres per hour and engine operating hours, benchmarked against manufacturer specifications.

Track how much each machine is used per season and what specific tasks it performed.

Enhance material utilization

Optimize the accuracy, efficacy, volume, and speed of dispersal.

Leverage Fieldin data and best practices to optimize the plan for spraying, fertilizing, shaking, and other key activities.

Digitize the resulting instructions that get shared by the manager or supervisor to the crew.

Confirm that the work is consistently performed according to specifications to maximize outcomes.

Track and report based on parameters, like the volume of material applied, using flow meters. Use the resulting visibility to avoid situations where the crew is under- or over-utilizing materials such as water, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Accelerate harvest

Improve the time to complete tasks.

Eliminate inefficiencies by enabling your crew to get through the most important activities and tasks in less time.

Reduce time spent performing key activities to optimize labor costs, minimize overtime, and increase operational capacity.

Track a rich set of parameters for all machines you used today, including purpose-built or self-propelled vehicles and implements.

Provide actionable feedback to optimize harvest activities such as speeding up or slowing down tractors or shakers.

Improve the ability for supervisors and managers to report on activities across large geographical distances, any time of day, and across all equipment and operators.

Drive ESG and sustainability initiatives

Turn Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) into a practice with positive impacts.

From investors to consumers, the pressure to become better stewards of the land is increasing, and growers are taking steps to improve their ESG initiatives.

Fieldin plays an important role in tracking key information to establish a baseline and measure improvements over time.

One way you can do this is through monitoring engine hours, which has a direct correlation to reducing Greenhouse gasses or GHGs.

Fieldin provides a platform that grows with you, ensuring you can adapt to new standards and changing parameters by tracking and reporting on regular intervals using a rich set of parameters.