Fieldin partners with FruitSpec to provide yield inventory technology to apple growers in the Pacific Northwest

For tree fruit growers, packing houses, and sales desks, the challenge of supplying fresh produce with on-time availability and quality to the consumer market is complex. Throughout the growing season, fruit suppliers are constantly trying to obtain accurate fruit counts and sizes so they can ensure their harvests meet the demands of buyers and maximize profitability.

To help address some of these challenges, Fieldin has partnered with FruitSpec to provide yield inventory solutions to apple growers in the Pacific Northwest. FruitSpec’s innovative technologies automatically track fruit sizes and quantities throughout the growing season so growers, packing houses and sales desks can better align fruit inventories to meet market demands. The Fruit Size Controller and Yield Inventory Manager solutions offer a new way to tackle some of the complexities of the fruit supply chain.

Size Controller: Maximize price potential and reduce yield loss

Size is the most significant contributing factor when it comes to fruit prices. With the Fruit Size Tracker powered by FruitSpec, growers and packing houses can better plan growing and harvesting activities to optimize for target fruit sizes. Keeping a consistent pulse on how fruit sizes are trending throughout the growing season enables all business units to adapt more quickly and avoid costly inconsistencies at the end of the season.

Key Features of the Fruit Size Controller

  • Growth curve: View fruit size growth across the season. Evaluate the effects of irrigation and thinning actions.
  • Forecast harvest calibers: View the average size prediction for the end of the season.
  • Current size distribution: See how current measured fruit sizes are distributed across orchards.
  • Forecast size distribution: View the predicted fruit size distribution across blocks and orchards.
  • Block map and variety views: Monitor fruit sizes by farm, block or variety.

Yield Inventory: Optimize farm-to-market planning and profitability

The Yield Inventory Manager tools powered by FruitSpec enable planning and optimization across every aspect of your business, from growing, through picking and packing, to market. The fruit counter sensor surfaces critical inventory information for data-driven decisions.

Key Features of the Yield Inventory Manager

  • Yield inventory: View inventory by fruit type.
  • Size distribution: Forecast predicted fruit size distribution at harvest time by number or percentage of cartons.
  • Yield data: View total yield in weight, cartons, and bins
  • Sales planning: View available cartons for sale according to picking dates.

FruitSpec Yield Inventory Manager

Breaking down silos and streamlining information flow across business units

The yield inventory solutions powered by FruitSpec help break down silos of yield information and streamline the flow between historically disconnected departments in the fruit supply chain. The benefits span across business units, including:


  • Track growth progress
  • Control fruit size to market demands
  • Optimize harvest timing

Packing Houses:

  • Track unit inventory
  • Stay ahead of logistics and resource planning

Sales Desk:

  • Plan seasonal sales
  • Close deals ahead of competitors

With more accurate information flowing more smoothly across the fruit supply chain, we’re excited to see apple growers and packing houses in the Pacific Northwest leveraging new technologies to maximize profitability and reduce yield loss.

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